Location & Attractions

Viewpoint near Nai Harn Beach

Promthep Cape in Phuket

Promthep Cape is one of the most photographed locations in Phuket. Every evening, tour buses, scooters and private cars sweep through Rawai Beach and up the island's southernmost hill to watch the sunset, which can also be spelt as 'Phromthep Cape' (though it's said the same way). There's also a lighthouse displaying interesting historical maritime artefacts here. It commands spectacular views over the east and southeast of the island and its environs.

Highlights of Promthep Cape

The lighthouse/museum is air-conditioned, and if you go up to the outdoor terrace, you can see the distinctive shapes of Phi Phi Islands, Koh Racha Yai and Koh Racha Noi on a clear day. Most of the time, you'll be able to see nearby islands, like Koh Kaeo Yai with its Buddhist monastery. Some people make the rather demanding trek down to the end of Promthep Cape's promontory, though most stay in the viewing part for sunset. By the carpark, there's a handicrafts shop and a series of stalls that sell shells, batik, snacks, sarongs, shawls, toys and beachwear.


Rawai, Muang, Phuket 83100, Thailand

Soi Ta-iad – Phuket Health Street

Soi Ta-iad goes by many names: Soi Taied, Fitness Street, Phuket Health Street or Muay Thai Street because it is home to many Muay Thai Camps, Fitness and Gyms, Spas and Health Shops. Unless you are in Phuket for some seriously active holiday, you have probably never heard of Soi Ta-iad, a 1.5 kilometres long street connecting Chao Fa Road east to Chao Fa Road west, somewhere near Wat Chalong. As you drive through this narrow street, you will frequently see groups of young and fit people running up and down in fitness attire at any time.

Gateway to Phuket's Paradise

As you step onto the weathered planks of Chalong Pier, a world of captivating possibilities unfolds before you, beckoning you to embark on an unforgettable journey into the heart of Phuket's allure. This isn't just a mere pier; it's a portal that transports you to a realm where turquoise waters gently kiss the shoreline, where lush landscapes invite exploration, and where cultural treasures await your discovery. Here, within the embrace of this coastal haven, Chalong Pier serves as your seamless entry into a tapestry woven with the threads of adventure, serenity, and cultural richness, making it the quintessential starting point for your exploration of Phuket.

Rawai Beach

Rawai Beach, at the south end of Phuket island, is not suitable for swimming, but it offers beautiful views of the nearby islands and has a peaceful local atmosphere. It’s a great place to enjoy some excellent seafood by the ocean and a good starting point for island hopping. As you drive south of Chalong, you will reach the Rawai Pier. To the left side of the pier is the remaining old ‘Gypsy Village’, where long-established fishermen in rather precarious houses still live off fishing, boat chartering and selling shells. Now it’s mostly famous for the crowded Rawai Seafood Market, where tourists buy fish, lobsters and crabs directly from the local fishermen and ask the nearby restaurants to cook them.

Phuket Town – A Walking Guide to Old Phuket Town

Our Phuket Old Town and Old Street Walking Guide will save you time and effort! The historical part of Phuket is not huge but is rich and exciting enough to explore in half a day. On this page, we break it down by streets and describe the main points of interest, significant landmarks and, of course, the best places to eat Thai food! It’s easy and fun to explore, even on a rainy day, plus there are plenty of little cafes and restaurants to take a break and enjoy lunch or dinner.